Maddy Dever is launching 2 new podcasts. Maddy Dever - Writer. Speaker. Podcaster. Launching Above & Beyond - The Accessibility & Inclusion Podcast with Anthony Frisina & Maddy Dever. The Autistic Rambler with Maddy Dever & Elizabeth Plouffe.

I have loved the podcast format for talking about issues and passions, and I have enjoyed being a guest on several different podcasts. I have been thinking of hosting my own podcast now for several years. Well due to some real cool connections with some really cool people, I am now co-host on not just one but TWO new podcasts! The Autistic Rambler & Above & beyond The Accessibility & Inclusion Podcast!

The Autistic Rambler hosted at Across the Desk

Cohost Elizabeth Plouffe. “So what does a rambler do? Well it can drive you from A to B. It can keep you cool in the hot sun. Or it can chat about all kinds of things under the sun which is what this Rambler does. I’m so tickled to introduce you to Maddy Dever who is one of the kindest, sweetest, perceptive, strong, intelligent and best advocate for others I’ve ever met. In episode one of the Autistic Rambler, we touch on experiential empathy, intersectionality of the ASD and LGBTQ++ communities, what schools could do better and a whole lot more. It’s time to ramble on ;)”

Above & Beyond – The Accessibility & Inclusion Podcast

Above & Beyond The Accessibility and Inclusion Podcast. Bringing the message of disability inclusion to the forefront. Bridging the gap to accessibility & inclusion, Join hosts, Anthony Frisina & Maddy Dever weekly as they share their lived experience, their insights into both the problems people with disabilities encounter, as well as the solutions that can foster positive change.

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