Join the Dever Family - We Are One! Every family is unique. Meet Canadian families - that include members of the disability community - as they share stories of adapting, growing and supporting each other. This week we spotlight the Dever family. Picture of some of the Dever family. Tonight on AMI tv at 8:30pm. Episode repeats July 1st at 4pm, July 4th at 12:30pm and we will share the YouTube link when available.

Our family has had the amazing opportunity to be filmed as part of Accessible Media‘s documentary series We are One!

Several of my kids (not all of them) were able to participate with me and share their experiences as a family that each have multiple disabilities, both similar and unique.

I’ll post the Youtube video of the episode when it becomes available.

It is a great series that focuses on the positive journeys through the challenges that having disabilities presents inside a family and our communities.

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