Honey, I Squished the Kids – And They Loved It. – Parenting My Kids with Sensory Challenges

Life since Covid-19 forced everyone to stay at home has been challenging for many of us. We are used to going outside or other places to get release for our boundless energy. Being cooped-up at home, in much smaller places, can create unusual stress on us.

With school not in session, no in-person therapy, parks closed and everyday much needed routines in upheaval due to social distancing, families are in crisis more than ever before. How can we help our children, youth and adults get what they require to assist with their own anxiety and stress during this time?

Have you noticed your children with new challenges or challenges you have not observed for a long time? Perhaps your child is chewing on objects more often, spinning more than usual, or constantly moving. Perhaps you’ve noticed the opposite, is your child choosing sit down activities more often, overly responsive to touch or messy hands? 

Join us on Wednesday May 13th at 1pm as we speak with Sherri Taylor, a parent to 4 beautiful, busy, neurodiverse boys who all have a determination of Sensory Processing Disorder. She is pleased to discuss her experience with her children and how she is helping them cope, survive and flourish, despite their sensory challenges!

Sherri Taylor (EA, ISW)

Sherri Taylor has worked in the developmental sector for over 20 years. Before being a parent to her own neurodiverse children she worked for York Region District School Board as an Educational Assistant and an Itinerant Services worker for over 35 schools. She has also worked as a personal support worker for Community Living Essex and the Family Care Coordinator and Occupational Therapy Assistant at Back to Life Rehabilitation. Most recently, Sherri is the President of More Than Play Inc. as well as a Certified PLAY Project Consultant. Sherri’s passion is to help others achieve their greatest potential.


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